Frequently Asked Questions

Electric Outboard Motors and all the accessories can be a little confusing some times, hopefully our most frequently asked questions might help find the info you need.

Q. What Size Motor Do I Need For My Boat/Canoe/Inflatable?

  1. This is our most common enquiry and the answer is based on a few variables, such as: Boat Length, Boat Weight/Load, Water Current/Tide, Battery Size. You need at least 2 pounds of thrust for every 100 pounds of fully loaded boat weight (people and gear included). If things like wind or current are major factors where you go, you’ll want a little extra thrust.

    We find the below chart is a pretty useful guide
  2. Minn Kota Electric Outboard Motor Thrust Power Size Chart - Electric Outboard Motors UK

Q. How Do I Convert Thrust Into Horsepower?

  1. Many people think that the more pounds of thrust they are getting, the faster the boat will go. This is not exactly true. With trolling motors and outboard motors, boat speed (and acceleration) depends on horsepower and prop pitch. By changing prop pitch, you can trade acceleration for top speed. Our trolling motors have props designed for maximum acceleration. When you hit the power, the boat responds immediately. This also allows you to hold the boat in high wind conditions. Top speed with our motors and props is about 5 mph. Small boats will reach this speed with most of our motors. Larger boats require our largest motors to approach this speed. Comparing our motors to gasoline outboards is difficult because most outboard props are designed for much higher speed.

Q. What Battery Do I Need?

  1. Most motors will tell you if they are running 12v/24v/36v and motors requires one to three leisure batteries on your boat based on the motors power level. You’ll need one battery for every 12 volts of your trolling system.

Q. How Do I Attach A Motor To My Canoe/Boat?

  1. For a Transom Mount Motor you would need either a Square Stern Canoe, Boat With a Transom or a Canoe with the ability to take a gunwale mounted motor mount. The Bixpy J-2 Motor is slightly different as this motor is a smaller unit Bixpy have a range of mounting options including solutions for inflatables, Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPS) & Kayaks.

Q. How Long Will A Battery Last On One Charge?

  1. This depends on a few factors tides/currents, boat length, boat weight, load weight, battery size, engine amp draw. The larger the battery Ah (Amp Hour) the longer the battery will last on a single charge - however bare in mind the bigger the Ah the bigger and heavier the battery will be.
    A good example of this is: If you have a 100Ah battery this would be able to supply 25amps of power draw to a motor for 4 hours (25 amps x 4hrs Usage = 100Ah).

Q. How Can I Extend My Battery Run Time?

  1. Buying a variable speed motor is a great way of maximising your time on the water. Variable speed motors allow you to fine tune the speed you need and the motor will only deliver the exact power you need. This is especially good for users looking to use their motor into a current to hold position as it will allow you to a finite power control on the motor & amp draw from the battery.

Q. How Can I Prolong The Life Of My Battery?

  1. There are a few things you can do to prolong your battery life, don't fully deplete your battery as it is never good to completely drain your battery. Using a battery life indicator can really help make sure you do not deplete your battery. In the down season when the battery is stored do not leave it uncharged, either have a trickle charger or battery tender or recharge your battery every month. This ensures the battery doesn't sit with no charge in it.

Q. Can Electric Outboard Motors Source Spare Parts For My Minn Kota?

  1. Yes we can, while we do not hold stock of everything we are able source most parts for Minn Kota engines (please be aware lead times can vary). The best way to enquire for specific parts is to Contact Us.

Q. Why Are Batteries So Expensive To Ship?

  1. Batteries are classed as Hazardous Goods and as such have to be transported by specialist couriers.