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Minn Kota Riptide Outboard Motors

Salt Water Outboard Motor

Riptide 45 5 speed £380.99
Riptide 50 5 Speed Call Us For Price
Riptide 55 variable speed (36" Shaft) £638.99
Riptide 55 variable speed (42" Shaft) £668.99
Riptide 80 variable speed £1114.99

Minn Kota Riptide Electric Outboard Motors - Transom Mounted Saltwater Trolling Motors for sale

Riptide Electric Ouboard Motors by Minn Kota
Minn Kota RipTide Ouboards for sale
Minn Kota Outboard Motors for Salt Water Use
Rip Tide Transom Mount Electric Outboards for sale
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Min Kota Riptide


Minn Kota's Riptide range of transom mount electric outboard motors is deigned for saltwater use (can still be used for fresh water use). These motors feature advanced corrosion protection using premium grade alloys that are impervious to rust unlike the fresh water motors which are not recommended for salt water use.

Riptide transom mount motors are available with thrust levels ranging from 40 - 101lbs with 36", 42" and 52" shaft lengths. Minn Kota's inovative Maximiser Technology is standard with the 55 and 80 models providing up to five times longer on a single battery charge maximising your time on the water.

These Riptide Outboard Motors are great for fishing trips, canoes or as an auxiliary for tenders in saltwater.


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Cool, Quiet Power

Riptide Electric Motors are quiet and environmentally friendly

Nothing runs cooler or more quietly than Minn Kota®. Extra large windings and commutators are used to dissipate heat, resulting in cooler operation, extended battery power and longer motor life. A unique bearing system produces low rpms/high torque to cut down on fish-spooking noise – so quiet they’ll never hear you coming.
Composite Shaft
Riptide Motors feature a strong composite shaft for maximum strength and durability
The standard of the industry since 1991! Pound for pound, Minn Kota's ultra high-yield composite material has been tested to be three times the strength of steel. Virtually indestructible, it flexes on impact and then returns to its original position. Unlike steel, will not kink, break, rust or corrode – guaranteed for life!

Digital Maximiser Technology


Conventional speed coil technology delivers a constant flow of power to the motor, regardless of the speed setting - resulting in wasted energy.

Minn Kota's innovative Maximiser technology delivers the precise amount of power needed at any setting, along with variable speed control. Advanced microprocessing optimizes draw to extend battery life and reduce damaging heat. Get up to five trimes longer run time on a single charge.

Standard feature with Riptide 55, 80 & 101

Minn Kota Digital Maximizer
Minn Kotas Maximiser Technology will make your battery last longer
Lever Lock Bracket
Riptide 40 & 55 Outboard Motors are transom mounted using Minn Kotas Lever Lock Bracket
Stronger than conventional brackets. Special composite materials resist flexing, warping and UV damage.
(Standard with Riptide 40 & 55)

Multi Position Bracket
A multi position bracket is used to mount the Riptide 80 & 101 models
Features a rock-solid, multi-position mounting bracket. Fits transoms up to 3" thick. Built to withstand the punishment of big waves and destructive salt.
Standard with Riptide 80 & 101.

Speed Control
Riptide models have variable speed control or a 5/3 forward/reverse speeds. The variable speed models give you greater control so you can expect a longer life from your battery which means you can cover more distance.
Sacrificial Anode
Riptide Motors are protected from Salt Water Corrosion
A patented sacrificial anode protects the motor from galvanic corrosion. Saltwater attacks the zinc anode (discretely located on the prop hub), which can be easily replaced when necessary. The result is better protection and longer motor life.
Advanced Corrosion Protection
Riptide motors are protected for use in Salt Water conditions
Advanced Corrosion Protection

Riptide Outboard motors feature premium-grade marine alloys, including aluminum upper arms that are virtually impervious to oxidative corrosion (rust). Metals undergo a rigid multi-step cleaning process before being anodized or coated with a special zinc dichromate armor plating. All components are then finished with a 5-mil TGIC polyester, powder coat paint.
Weedless Wedge 2
Minn Kota Weedless Wedge 2 is the standard propeller with the Riptide 55, 80 and 101

Riptide Outboards are supplied with a 3 year warranty



Shaft Lengths
Max Amp Draw
Max Boat Length
Riptide 45
Riptide 50
Riptide 55
36", 42"
Riptide 80



We offer a delivery service for the Min Kota Riptide canoe throughout the UK & Ireland to home and work addresses.

Unless instructed otherwise, we endeavour to supply goods ordered within 3-5 working days for the UK mainland. Our standard delivery service for the majority of canoes is 3 working days. Some addresses in Scotland and other remote areas can take a little longer.

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You can buy a Min Kota Riptide online from our website and pick it up from ourselves or from any branch within the Canoe Shops Group. There is no cost associated with instore collection*.

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We will contact you to arrange collection upon receipt of you order.

* A £30 surcharge applies for collection from Bantry Bay Canoes.

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