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Batteries for Electric Outboard Motors

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Batteries ideal for use with your electric outboard. These 12V deep cycle leisure batteries are perfect for use with the Minn Kota range.

Deep cycle leisure batteries for Electric Outboard Motors

PowerMax Batteries


PowerMax Marine and Leisure batteries provide a portable and reliable power source for boats, caravans, camping and general leisure use. They will outlast conventional starter type batteries due to their superior construction and materials, but like all leisure batteries maximising life depends upon adequate care. Leisure batteries should always be recharged after use and should be stored fully charged.


There are 2 types of Powermax Leisure battery, flooded and sealed. The sealed versions have twin terminals and are maintenance free.


Power Max Batteries Available

L x W x H (mm)
265 x 173 x 215
343 x 174 x 230
343 x 174 x 280
260 x 175 x 223
330 x 173 x 240


Shipping - £30
Please note: We use a special courier to deliver batteries as standard couriers will not accept them.


12Volt Battery Chargers for sale

CTEK MXS 3.8 Battery Charger

Suitable for batteries up to 85ah

The MXS 3.8 is an advanced microprocessor controlled battery charger with patented Float/Pulse maintenance for use on batteries from 1.2Ah up to 85Ah. The MXS 3.8 solves a broad range of battery problems and is the ideal charger for everyday use. Features of the MXS 3.8 include diagnosis of battery condition to establish if it can receive and retain charge, patented automatic desulphation programme and a special ‘Snowflake’ mode for optimum charging on cold winter days. Patented Float/Pulse maintenance means the MXS 3.8 ideal for long-term maintenance. The entire process of battery testing, charging and maintenance is easily followed on the clear LED display.


  • Rated Voltage AC 220–240VAC, 50–60Hz
    Charging voltage SMALL, NORMAL: 14.4V, COLD/AGM: 14.7V
    Min battery voltage 2.0V
    Charging current 3,8A max
    Current, mains 0.5A rms (at full charging current)
    Back current drain <1Ah/month
    Ripple <4%
    Ambient temperature -20°C to +50°C, output power is reduced automatically at high temperatures
    Charger type 7 step, fully automatic charging cycle
    Battery types All types of 12V lead-acid batteries (WET, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM and GEL)
    Battery capacity 1.2–80Ah up to 130Ah for maintenance
    Dimensions 168 x 65 x 38mm (L x W x H)
    Insulation class IP65
    Weight 0.6kg



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